Saturday Lake Ride (22nd May)

This Saturday, 22nd May, will be the second club ride to the Copthorne lake for a wetsuit swim.  Last week the water was almost at 13 degrees and it was very refreshing.

Meet from 7.15am (for a 7.30am sharp departure) at the Chute Recreation ground car park, Sherbourne St John (Vyne Road, RG24 9HX).

The group will be led by Overton Dan. The pace will be social, and tailored to ensure that no-one gets left behind. It’s approx 15 miles to the lake.

The support car will be driven by Annette, with babyBella acting as co-pilot. We will meet you all at the Chute Pavilion in the morning to collect your swimming kit off you so you don’t have to carry it all the way to the lake. It will then be driven back to the Chute ready for you to pick up after the return ride.

Swimming at the Tri20 Swim Centre  @ Copthorne lake costs £5

If you don’t fancy swimming, you are welcome to just come along for the ride and have a cup of tea at the lake while you watch the keen beans swim.

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