Basingstoke big wheel


Today was big wheel day. The day when you must not believe anything that Fiona says.  Things like wouldn’t it be great if we all did it in our club tri suits.  Well I was the only one who turned up in a tri suit as I was the only one who had not checked out the weather forecast.

Any way we did there ride and I think we all enjoyed it.  My plan of doing the 50 mile ride was cut short when my tyre got torn and I had to use a wrapper to protect the inner tube. I then fixed the puncture of an old Italian bloke who forgot to bring a pump with him.  Or a spare inner tube. And didn’t know how to take the back wheel off.

I then rode the 25 mile route home.  Changed my wheel and them rode back the way I had come.  Eventually I found the group, turned around and went back to the finish.

After a banana and a cup of tea I headed back to watch the Tour on tv.

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