DK and the Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge

I find spontaneity very difficult to spell and do. But I decided to enter the Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge with two-and-a-bit week’s notice. Three marathons in three days. On a very narrow path on the edge of some steep cliffs in south west Wales. Much of the time the path was very muddy. Some of the time you had to use your hands to scramble up rocks and sometimes slide down them on your bum. Nothing like running on tarmac! There was a huge amount of climbing: up to a view point, down to the beach, back up to the top of the cliffs, down to a stream and back up to the next view point. Sometimes I ran for ages – more than 90 minutes – without seeing anyone. I found it quite tough without having done any long runs for ages.

Anyway, I completed it in 17 hours 25 minutes – over 27 miles each day so 81 miles or so. There were around 100 participants. 48 managed to finish all three days within the cut offs and I came 14th overall. More details are on my blog.

I would definitely recommend it. Very well organised.

I might do some long running next year as I quite enjoyed it – anyone up for the London to Brighton?

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