Approximate Kit Prices – 03 July 2011

As promised, here are the approximate prices for additional Club Kit. I say approximate because the following does not include postage or the possibility of a design charge incurred to transfer the tri-specific design to the cycle-specific templates. (Though last time it was agreed that club funds pay for this – approx £130) Also, I have translated from Euros so this may fluctuate.

The intention is to set us up on the Carvalho-Custom website, where we will be able to order everything up as individuals – this should save chasing time if everyone orders themselves up to a deadline date, at which point Carvalho will start the manufacturing process – a lead time of approximately six weeks, though please note that they have two weeks off in August.

Also please note that for anything ordered in qty less than 5 units, a 50% surcharge will be added to the item. Sorry!

So here are the prices for the items you asked me to look in to (5+ items)

TRI Top Long – £31.71

Cycling jersey, full zip (both male and female cuts) short sleeves – £29.32

Bib Shorts, medium weight – £41.67

Female non-bib shorts – £36.41

I would strongly urge you to have a look at to see the website and get a flavour for the quality of the gear, the variety of it and also prices. I have written to Carvalho and asked that we are set up on their website – so more info later!

With thanks


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