Kit – Reminder and Sizing Chart 12 July 2011

Hi all,

Some of you have been having trouble finding the sizing chart on the
Carvalho website for kit, so please find it attached here. (In your email box for members)

I have not responded to all of your requests yet, but the support for the
kit has been largely positive but we could do with some more responses
please. Many of you have asked to transfer funds already – I thank you for
that but please hold your horses as until I get all the responses in (one
week to go before the deadline please) I do not know that we will have a
valid order.

So, fingers crossed that those of you that haven’t responded yet will do so
with your requests for kit!

Any problems / queries please let me know.

Also, although we were originally asking for short sleeve jerseys, I have
had a few requests for long sleeve ones so will also be pursuing those.
Suggestions for sleeve colours from black, white, blue or pink? Or two

Don’t forget to let me have your requests by next Tuesday please.



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