Next Social Ride – 60 + miles or thereabouts

Hi folks,

I’m planning a social ride for you all on 16th October, and I’d like an indication of numbers please?
Start at the Aquadrome, lower Car Park at 09:15 for a 09:30 start. Speed in region of 15-16 mph average I would guess – no-one gets left behind.
For the sake of all riders, please ensure you have third party insurance (eg, CTC or BTF membership in date.)

Destination is Stockbridge for the cafe stop. Unsure of mileage at present but in the region of 60 ish I think.

Please let me know if you are thinking of coming along – the more the merrier!
Many thanks

1 thought on “Next Social Ride – 60 + miles or thereabouts

  1. Great ride Daryl – what a lovely 55 mile route and Stockbridge makes for an excellent cake stop. Good to see new members out 🙂

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