Sunday Social ride 11/12/2011

As promised in the monthly update, there will be a social ride for this Sunday 11th December. As this is the monring after our Christmas do, we will be departing at the slightly later time of 10am, from the Aquadrome car park. There is a 30 mile proposed route heading out to Oakley, Whitchurch (not on the main road) Ceasars Belt, Hannington and home. If the general concensus is to do more miles I am sure we can find some!

Fingers crossed for good weather!

See you then if not on Saturday for Italian food and wine – a good warm up brick session for Riccione!!!


One thought on “Sunday Social ride 11/12/2011

  1. Great ride today. 31 miles in the end. A great welcome to Sue our newest member for venturing out with us. Watch out – Patricia is on her way back! We even managed to get away with missing the worst of the weather, and coping with too little sleep in some cases!!!!

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