Big Fish 3800m Race Report

Where: Reading Lake
When: 27 May 2012 – 8.00am Start
Organiser: Tri20
Distance: 3800m swim
Technical: some guy on the jetty shouts your time (online publication)
Freebies: Finishers medal bling

In brief: A very well organised event, friendly experienced staff. Good open water, no complaints at all.

I have been in two minds as to write a race report for Sundays, Big Fish 3800m, that I took part in at the Reading Lake. For two reasons the effort I put in feels below my best and secondly my preparation was zero. Thankfully the friendly atmosphere of the Reading Lake makes this a none-issue.

My participation was decided over beer(s) on the hot Saturday night before, and my anticipation confined to the minutes leading up to the siren start only. I was certainly blaise, but the 3800m distance was a bit less than the training distance I would normally aspire for on a Sunday morning. I had already been looking forward to swimming in the lake all week (not necessarily racing) as the mercury soared to welcome heights keeping the water temperature a very pleasant 19.7.C.

Lining up at start I had hoped to see one or two known faces sadly none in sight (did see tri member later). Additionally I had decided to give my clan of loyal supporters (wife Susan, and the girls) the morning off since I was just there to enjoy the swim. To this my plan evolved, keep away from the energetic serious swimmy looking lot in my wave and enjoy a training swim. The £20 entry allowed for this indolent attitude.

After the siren blared and the white water had settled down, and my usual insufferable navigation skills were warmed up to their best I found myself trailing a pack of my wave by a 100 meters or so after three laps of five, luckily a fair number of the remainder of the wave was still behind me. At this point I thought well, why not? And put some more concerted effort into the swim. Unfortunately I had left it far too late and came in seventh on 1h05 which was far from stellar!

But a lesson to be drawn, if I were taking things more seriously I would have been more agressive at the beginning of the race which perhaps would have made me more competitive. An important fact to bear in mind on real race days don’t blow out at the start, but don’t sit back too long either. Also keep up practising navigation and make straight lines between those buoys!

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