Race Report – Calne TriStars Sprint

Sunday 6 May

It was a really good, friendly race and the venue was ideal for youngsters too.

The swim was 8 lengths of the pool, and I was really pleased to be second out of the water and running to the Transition Area to get my bike. To save time later I had a cunning plan which was to put my trainers on rather than waste time changing shoes later. I exited transition in just over a minute and Mum and Dad were really impressed – I love elastic laces! Unfortunately the bike section was all around the grass playing fields rather than on road and I was a bit worried about slipping on the corners with my thin road tyres, but the others were in the same situation too, as we all had road bikes. I stayed in the front the whole way, and due to not having to swap shoes managed a T2 transition in less than a minute! Dad couldn’t believe his eyes! I started really strong on the run, leading the pack for the whole of the first lap when I started to blow. I got really demoralised when one of them overtook me, and didn’t seem to be able to get my speed back. Then – disaster – another one overtook too! I felt really beaten up now, and it was all I could muster to finish the race with a sprint finish.

I hope to be able to go back next year and win, and looking back on the race I think I should have pushed harder on the bike section, as that Β is my strength at the moment and it would have increased the distance between me and the others before they started the run. Or maybe I need to do more run training…

So overall I came third in my age group, and first girl. The prize was a really snazzy trisuit from TriZoo, who were the sponsors, and I chose a design that had been made especially for the Brownlee brothers – Cool!

Heidi, 11.

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  1. Yay Heidi, very well done! Seems like you kill the swim too.

    Thanks for the race report.

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