Bournemouth Olympic Race Report

Where: Bournemouth
When: 8 July 2012 – 7.45am Start
Organiser: Concept Sports
Course: Sea swim, flat-ish cycle route, out-&-back seaside run (gorgeous!)
Distance(s): 1500m swim, 40km Bike, 10km Run
Marshalling: Marshalls, clearly signed
Technical: Chip Timing
Freebies: Redbull & event T-Shirt

After gazing on the stormy sea on the Saturday afternoon after registration I was anxious. Despite feeling equal to fair sized swells and waves it wasn’t looking like the most welcoming of environments. Sunday dawned dry (almost) with breaks of sun through the cloud.

Racking up at transition was more challenging compared to last year. Numbers were out of sequence and missing in some cases. Luckily I had my space, although very cramped, less than the 40cm needed for a handlebar width. Some guys had to rack along the perimeter as a consequence. This was the only technical disappointment of the race and is probably down to the success of the event, I am sure it will be improved for next year.

Luckily again as with last year race day resulted with a calm sea (in fact later in the day completely flat). Feeling privileged to be beginning a race on such a wonderful beach in such a stunning location my race started with a whistle blast.

The swim was fairly uneventful, apart from making a mental note in bold to make a comfort stop before the start of my next race, not a welcome distraction and eats into time Ashley. I came out with the first place swimmer after my now typical under whelmed start to the swim. The only catch to this all was the banana I had eaten few minutes before the start threatened several times while I ran up the beach to transition (about 150 metres) and T1. Not a pretty sight a green faced Dad, for my eldest, Cassidy, cheering me on. So I am left with two mental notes, both of which I really should know better. That will teach me to think I am being clever substituting beetroot juice for banana.

Running out of transition was a breeze and I got to up close enough to my wife, Susan and daughter on the way out to hear shouts of encouragement. The cycle was flat-ish after a hilly start in the town centre, the route taking you out and back along one of the main ‘A’ roads into Bournemouth. Being in the last wave there was a lot of competitor traffic to navigate, I supposed it helped with any boredom. Typically I prefer to settle down and focus if it is a luxury I have. My cycle completed almost uneventfully. Other than I had to stop at a red light of a pedestrian crossing for a father and kids. One of my competitors decided not to be bothered with that and shot through past me. Number 45x*, not cool.

The run out of transition clearly marked I got to see my family again. Unluckily I don’t think I took enough energy on board towards the end of the bike or over did it, not sure which. Because the run hurt, cramps almost everywhere at one point or another. Which was a real pity, so I had to run slower than I would have liked. Still, I had a great time, doing a nice race.

Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
2:28:59.75 0:23:49.76 0:01:25.40 1:10:38.92 0:00:57.39 0:52:08.26

* Withheld to protect those involved

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