September Update

I have just written this evening our monthly update email to members. Whilst this is not normally shared with non members, it will give you a flavour of what we are up to and hopefully encourage you to join us!  Here goes… have a read and let me know if you would like an application form! More than happy to meet with you beforehand if you wish. Membership is just £15 April to April…
Dear All,
We hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer, whether you chose to spend it training hard, competing or relaxing with family and friends.
It was good to see so many at the club night last Friday, many thanks for continuing to support us.
A summary of regular sessions which the single sport clubs run can be found on our website, as usual. If you’re stuck for someone to train with then check out the options for swim, bike or run. Or you can always post suggestions on the email group. We welcome and encourage this.
Tuesday Bike to Run Brick Session
Throughout the summer, these have proved very popular, but last night marked the end of the “official ” sessions due to the evenings being shortened. However, if individuals would like to carry on doing these on an ad-hoc basis throughout September then please organise this yourselves, but please remember to carry plenty of illumination as it gets dark extremely quickly at this time of the year – and it is easy to get caught out. Be careful out there!
Next Tuesday, we are planning a social get-together in The Calleva Arms, Silchester from 7pm. Hopefully see you there, to celebrate the success of our inaugural brick sessions. Thanks to Martin! PLEASE NOTE  – THIS EVENT HAS NOW PASSED
Starts October 9th! See you there!
Many of you have been out there racing this year and I wouldn’t mind betting that we have completed more events this year than any before! Well done all of you that have contributed to the tally. Don’t forget to tell us what you’ve been up to and share your tips, triumphs and comedy moments by sharing your race report with us on the e-group, and Daryl will post to the website for you.  Also send in any photos of you competing (non copyrighted, non-commercial), especially if you are in your club kit!
Intermediate Cycle Mechanics Training
As you know re had to re-schedule this due to illness of the instructor. This is likely to be rearranged for October / November for the Intermediate Level Course. Daryl will collect interested names over the next month or so, so if interested – let him know! Simples. No names = no course.
Club Branded Kit
Club Bottles
£3 each – contact Daryl if you need another.
Cycle/Tri kit – Everyone has been very happy with the last delivery of kit. We still have plenty of stock – see the website to see options and pricing. It is great to see everyone wearing and enjoying their kit, and it gives a great sense of belonging. We are very proud of what we have achieved with the kit – wear it with pride!
Promotional Items
We now have the Promotional Flags to use at events and other gatherings. They are very simple to erect and look fantastic. If borrowing them, please try to keep the flags off the ground otherwise the white won’t stay white! This is easier than it sounds when erecting and disassembling, so please return them in the as-new condition they are now. They are available for collection from Daryl’s Shed 🙂
We are also looking at flyers to go under windscreen wipers at future events. I would love a volunteer to come forward to design a simple flyer that we could distribute at, for example, the Basingstoke Half Marathon. The Committee can supply the artwork, if you can supply a bit of your time – so please come forward and enable this.
So if anyone is attending the Basingstoke half or has a support crew who would be happy to help out, we will be looking for volunteers to distribute. Thank You.
We have also developed ‘business cards’ which you can hand on to people you come across who might want to learn more about the club. We have found that these have been extremely useful already, but are interested in your own experiences with them – please let us know on the e-group or privately. If you haven’t got any, get in touch and they will be sent to you.
Membership Fees
Sadly, we have lost a very small number of members due to non renewals, for various reasons such as moving away from the area. It is pleasing however that the losses haven’t been due to our ability to deliver expectations. On the positive side, we have gained members also and following the Olympics it looks like this trend is set to continue. Please do all you can to encourage new members, as this helps to build inertia – use the business cards!
Riccione Training / Holiday Camp, Hotel Fedora.
Judging from the excitement already building, we will be planning our Tenth Anniversary Pilgrimage to Hotel Fedora for April/May next year. For details of this fab holiday, speak to someone who has already been, and start saving your pennies now!
The Oympics
After the fantastic performances of Team Sky during the Tour de France, we were given second and third helpings with the Olympics and Paralympic Games. Surprisingly, during this busy period we received only a moderate number of enquiries over and above “normal”. However, since the events I have been receiving up to 1-2 per day of interested athletes and would-be athletes. Just a few of these have turned up to our brick sessions, but I really hope that we are able to transfer this interest into Memberships and helping to contribute to the Squad.
In particular, we have – and are – receiving a lot of enquiries from parents wishing to start their children off on the right course. These enquiries are probably the most difficult to answer, and is something that we need to think carefully about in the future as to what we should be offering this age range – often seen as the life-blood in other clubs and societies.
The “Join-In” Event.
As you know, we made one of our brick sessions an official Join-In event. Unfortunately our event seemed to mark the end of the dry part of the summer and the heavens opened prior to the event, and this would undoubtedly have kept people indoors. This initiative was part of the Olympic Legacy and Daryl received an incredible amount of phone calls and emails from the Legacy Committee asking if there was anything else they could do to promote the event prior to it. In short, the Join-In website was poorly publicised and did not work for us this time. Join-In have been informed, but now we are registered we may also use their website for turbo and other sessions.
Queensford Lake
Many thanks to Ashley for arranging a team approach, and good luck to all who are taking part!
End of Season Do
We are sure you will join us in thanking Tennille for arranging our End of Season Do, which was held at Pizza Express, Basingstoke last Sunday evening. We all had a great time, and there was even a prize giving! The prizes and winners were as follows:
Martin Harris – Most Turbo Sessions Attended
Heidi Barker – Most Turbo Sessions Attended
Ricky Stayte – Most Brick Sessions Attended
Fee Powley – Most photos on the web site wearing Squad kit.
Ashley Walton – Most Improved Mechanic (now knows how to mend a puncture 🙂  )
Ashley Walton – Most Race Reports on the web site.
Unfortunately Ashley was unable to attend – so please get in touch and we will despatch your goody bag!
Many thanks Tennille for a great evening.
Autumn / Winter Rides:
The alternate 30 / 60 / 30 mile rides are likely to start in October. These rides were very successful last year – the lower mileage ones are particularly important to aid newcomers to the sport, and we gain as a club with new members joining. We will be looking for volunteers to lead these week end rides, as it is important that we achieve consistency over the winter. The more volunteers, the less individuals have to do so please come forward and contribute. Daryl is looking forward to trying out his new Dri-Fit cycle top in the cooler weather…
And finally…
It is with much regret that we say “Goodbye” to Fee. Fee has been instrumental in forging the shape of the Squad over recent years, looking after both our money and members. We won’t repeat the “Best Man’s Speech” that Daryl made on Sunday (you had to be there, sorry!) but suffice to say that she will be sorely missed. From all of us Fee, we wish you every success with your career and hope to see you in Riccione!
Next Club meeting – We have a guest speaker to discuss Hydration aspects of training.
Friday 5th October at 20:00
Committee members 19:00 please.
This update contains several “actions” for members to complete in terms of putting your names forward. Please go back over the update, and where it may relate to you, please let us know.
Happy training!
Your Committee
Daryl, Ricky, Lorraine, Tennille, Martin, Katie. Fiona (just!),

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