Halloween Fright Night Run

I am responsible for the below tale recounted by Cassidy (unedited), which she has decided to share…

On Saturday, 27 October  my dad ,sister and I did the Halloween Fun Run, well signed up for it. Let’s take it back a few hours: We went to town for a couple of hours and completely lost track of time so had to rush to registration in Guildford. So we already killed the run for being late. The woman at the stand asked if we wanted race numbers, and my Einstein father said “Go on then.” We would later regret that. You have a half hour before the race so my dad and I did each other’s make-up so we looked like the joker (I forgot he had it on and screamed in the dark!). The actual night fright runners started a few minutes before us sprinted off so all the little 5 year olds were left then there was us. Awkward. When we started everyone was walking. WHAT HAS MY FATHER SET US UP FOR? We ran off so we were a good 10 minutes ahead of everyone. Because we wore those race numbers, marshals sent us onto the actual 8 and a half kilometre track. (we only found out 5k into this) but at least we got actual race photos! J So we passed the 1k mark, 2k mark, “only 500m left girls sprint it!”… 3k, 4k, 5k, and my dad was STILL telling us to run. I’ve only ever trained to do 5k tops and that was on a flat track too! This was so uphill. BUT NO, you think you climbed up hills in your fancy iron mans, we were on all fours man! Comparing this to Everest would be an understatement! There were no marshals either, had they gone home? After this hill my dad STILL expected me to run? Three hills (I walked upJ) later, we found a marshal thank goodness! He said the quickest way was the actual course, I refuse to run another 3k! By now its pitch black and I wish I didn’t have too much time on my computer. Blair witch, Slenderman and Friday the 13th rolled in one (you have to look them up to get me). Somehow we caught up to the runners too. WHAAAAAT. My sister thought we could out run them HAHAHA no. Suddenly I can see it- Civilisation, water stands, photographers! I did the craziest sprint to the finish line, don’t even want to know what my photo looks like! 

In all fairness, if I had the right training and didn’t worry about Slenderman, I think I could’ve enjoyed it more

Well there you have it I am entirely to blame for the girls finding themselves on a 8.5km cross country run in the dark (heh,heh,heh).

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