Hever Castle Tri, from one of our younger members…

Hi, I’m Cassidy. On the 29th of September I did the Hever Castle Triathlon: 300m swim, 8k cycle and 4k run.

I only really had about 6 weeks of training so I didn’t have much of an advantage. I also didn’t do any brick sessions so I didn’t really know what to expect!

The actual event was organised but not very. Me and my dad had to push past a lot of people and it was as muddy as a festival ( RIP new shoes!)

The lake was so cold. My feet went completely numb and my hands actually hurt. The lake was also full of weeds, everytime I lifted my head up I had weeds on my face! The water wasn’t pleasant at all!

I died on the cycle, it’s the most muddiest and unstable track ever! The hills are impossible to climb and you have no control of your bike. I fell off A LOT!

The run was as bad as I imagined. By now your legs are already dead from the hills and now you have to run up them? However runners are telling you to keep going which I thought was quite nice. I also didn’t have my inhaler so I ran out of breath every 5 paces! But somehow I pushed through!

Despite dying slightly I somehow finished in 1 hour, 40 minutes. Oh and you don’t see any castles. But I did enjoy myself, I want to do more triathlons in the castle series next year.

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