Turbo Tuesday – Max Heart Rate Session

This weeks turbo session is probably one of the most important in the calendar, so please make every effort to attend. (Pun intended!  🙂  )

We will increase the exercise loading gradually so that you can evaluate your maximum heart rate for cycling, which means that you can set your proper training zones for the rest of the season. We will conduct the test again next March, so that you get a chance to re-callibrate if you need to.

Please make sure that you are properly hydrated for the session, and that you feel well enough too. This is a tough session both mentally and physically, but to do it justice you will need to give it your all (You’ll be kidding yourself for the rest of the winter season if not!). Please remember to bring your heart rate monitor!

We have a spare turbo if you would like to borrow it, but please let me know well beforehand via Contacts page otherwise it will stay in my shed!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible! Any questions, please ask!

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