Votwo Sprint – Dorney Lake

My last tri of the year was votwo sprint distance (750m/20k/5k) at Dorney lake.

The swim was fairly uneventful, I tried pushing my way to the front but was stuck in second or third row. The horn went and we were off. I got through the crowd with few hits and kicks and was soon on someone’s feet.

Out of the water and on to the bike. I’d be using tri bars for first time in a race. There was a strong wind on way back down the lake, I’d not used tri bars in these conditions, it took a while to get used to. 4 laps done and out on to the run

The run was out and back, previously I’ve started the run too hard so I tried to not push out of transition. I ran the first 2.5k with another competitor at turn around he stopped to get a drink and I carried on. On way back the wind was back! A very tall athlete came past me and I decided to stick with him and shelter from the wind. In the last 600m he picked up the pace which I couldn’t stay with.

I finished 13th overall and 3rd in my age group. I was happy with my overall time which was 7min quicker than 3 years ago.