Tuesday Turbo – Max Heart Rate Test

This Tuesday evenings session is a toughie, but is important as you will set up all remaining sessions based on a real number, not what you think is right! We hope you are all able to join us once again – be prepared to dig deep!

Please note, this is a hard session – make sure you are well hydrated beforehand and feeling well.

Cost is just £30 for all sessions, or £2.00 per session for Basingstoke TriSquad members.

Non members will be requested to pay £4.00 per session, or £60.00 for all sessions

We hope you are able to join us, 19:00 for a 19:15 sharp session start. Most sessions are for 60 minutes. Please arrive at 7pm to allow plenty of time for setting up.

Following the session, PLEASE LIFT your bikes to the door so as to avoid leaving tyre marks on the polished floor. It is your own responsibility to clear up after yourself, not that of the organisers. Thank You.

Showering facilities are available afterwards, please settle up any monies prior to showering

For more information see HERE.