Race Report – Butlers Bonk Duathlon

There is a first time for everything, and today in glorious sunshine I did my first ever duathlon. Not having run or cycled for a while it was my intention just to get round and refocus ready for the triathlon season. In the event, I worked as hard as I could – without much reward.  I have always said that the day I came last would be the day I retired, and today it came perilously close!

The event was the Butlers Bonk Duathlon, with a choice of sprint, standard or indeed a 10k run all starting at the same time. I chose the sprint (5k run, 20k ride, 5k run). It was run by ‘My Sporting Times’ (the guys from the lake), and it was good to see them all again. The event is fairly small and well run. The transition area allowed really generous bike spacing. The run was on good quiet roads, with about a km of dry track thrown in. The bike was also on good quiet roads, which is fortunate as I had not sat on my trial bike since September. Marking and Marshalling were so good that in unknown territory even I didn’t get lost. There were no major hills.

Despite my lowly position, probably last but one, I was pleased with my overall time of 1:46:06

Yes, I would recommend this event to anyone. For me, being a weak runner, it is obviously very useful as training to improve at triathlon.