Hurstbourne 5 Mile Cross Country

On Saturday I took part in the Hurstbourne 5 mile cross country.  It was hilly beyond my expectations, even though I had been warned. “Walk up the steep hills” they told me. Well someone was having a laugh. At my end of the field nobody even attempted to run up them, and I wasn’t the only one with my hands on my knees to help push myself up.
Then there was the water. We all know that the ground is pretty well saturated after the record wet winter, but heavy rain for 24 hours right up to race time produced lots of flooded trails.  It was so slippery trying to keep out of the water that I soon realised it was better to run straight through the stuff. To add to the fun there were a few fallen trees laying across the trail.
The sun actually shone for the race, the views were fantastic, and in the woods there were carpets of bluebells.
Add to that a great sense of camaraderie and the whole thing was just about perfect. I crossed the line with a fellow vet.  We decided that this was better than risking one of us dying in a desperate sprint.
Overall, a surfeit of fun. I wasn’t last by 20 places and finished (in 57 minutes) really happy with the whole thing.
AND another point to boot.  Bonus!