Blenheim Triathlon – 8 June 2014

I think I’ve just about recovered from yesterday’s race!

Preparation has been very poor, with numerous injuries, from a badly sprained wrist from playing ice hockey to patella tendonitis.
I think I’ve only done about 1.5 hours of swimming in the last 8 weeks. 1 cycle this year and not a lot of running.

Anyway race tactics went out of the window at the start when I started off leading the swim, which didn’t last long as I completly imploded and came out in the middle of the pack.
It took me about a lap on the bike to regain my composure. From then on the race picked up, but the lack of training showed in the sun and heat. The run was not the quickest but I just remembered Martin’s advice when I did my first brick session, aim for negative splits. So I started off at a steady pace and tried to pick up the pace on the last lap.

Neadless to say I was completly spent at the end.

For anyone interested my time were:
Swim 12.09
T1 5.05
Bike 41.19
T2 1.38
Run 26.54

Total 1.27.02