Here are a few final notes about our upcoming Hill Climb event. It is sanctioned by the Cycling Time Trialists association London West District.  Having said that, although it appears correctly in the printed handbook, it is listed with the wrong code and wrong distance on the website http://www.lwdc.co.uk/events/  so best to ignore it if you have already been there! If you go to Chalgrove near Oxford for the start, you are going to be very disappointed!
There will be a signing in sheet, and you will be given a number to pin to the back of your jersey. There will be a £4 fee (£2 for Basingsoke Tri Squad members).
This is a sociable event and first timers will be very welcome. Anyone who belongs to a club which is affiliated to the CTT can take part (Basingstoke Tri Squad is one such club). If you do not, don’t worry – we can sign you in as a ‘come and try it’ competitor. If you are under 18, then you will need to have a responsible adult with you to sign you in.
The course is based around the climb through Faccombe and is 4.3 miles with 605 ft total ascent, starting from just north of the Faccombe turning off the A343 near Hurstbourne Tarrant and finishing at the transmitter at the top of Walbury Hill. Very quiet roads with one right hand turn which is deemed quite enough to be safe for use. The course will be marked for the occasion.
A map showing our route and identifying the start and finish is appended. You can also clearly see the pub where we will park at the mid point.
There is no where to safely and conveniently park your car near the start, so please do not do this.  The driveway opposite the start is for private use and we should not inconvenience them.  Clearly the person in charge of the signing on sheet will have to park near the start just for a short while to cater for any late arrivals. But fear not.  There is a MASSIVE car park which we can have all to ourselves opposite the Jack Russell pub at Faccombe.  Aim to arrive there, prepare yourselves and sign on at around 18:30 Please do not use the park on the same side of the road as the pub, because even though the business is dying, there may be paying customers who would like to use it.  We should assemble at the car park and cycle down to the start at about 18:40 reedy for a 19:00 prompt start. The signing on sheet will migrate to the start, so if you are a few minutes late please use the same car park and cycle down to the start on your own and we will see you there.
You will start yourself off when the starter tells you to. First off at 19:00. You will not be ‘held’ or ‘pushed’. 
You will arrive at the finish between 10 and 25 minutes later! Ride straight on for a bit after crossing the line so as not to impede anyone arriving just behind you. Please don’t ask the timekeeper for you time when there are still competitors to arrive. There will be plenty of time for that later.  The results will be published on the Basingstoke Tri Squad website the following evening. Although there is next to no traffic on the road, a gaggle of exhausted cyclists on a narrow road can soon cause chaos, so please hi-tail it back to the car park. You can talk there or later over dinner.
You and companion are invited to rendez-vous with us at the Red Lion pub in the heart of Overton after the event http://redlion-overton.co.uk/.  We should try to get there by 20:30.  It would help the proprietors enormously if you could let me know david.edwards@overton.eclipse.co.uk if you intend to eat, even better if you can indicate your menu choice.
That’s about all I think. Please email any questions to me.