Basingstoke Big Wheel Event – Sunday

As usual, Basingstoke TriSquad will be fully supporting The Basingstoke Big Wheel event, in support of the fabulous St Michael’s Hospice.

This is to be a particularly special day as we remember our very own Marianne who spent her last days at the Hospice such a short time ago.

Look out for our flags at the start point of the event, Down Grange – come down and say hello, or see us out on the rides!


Marianne – Always smiling, always training! We miss you xxx


Triathlon England – Tri Squad to Host!

Hi All,
I am excited to announce that Basingstoke TriSquad will be hosting the next Triathlon England (Our region) Club Matters meeting on 28th July.
Our Southern Rep, Jen Elkins will be arriving at around 18:30, Basingstoke Hockey Club.
Members of Triathlon England will receive an invite shortly from central – though of course our own members who may not be members of Triathlon England are also welcome to attend (so that means all of our members can come along!)
I have sent our logo’s in, so you should see our familiar logo on the invitation flyer.
More details later, but members of the squad please put the date in your diary to support the event. Jen will be expecting representatives from most of the regions’s Tri clubs, so please make every effort to get involved and say Hello!
Many thanks

Subs are now Due!

As you will have read in the AGM minutes, the annual subs are remaining at just £15.
Subscriptions are payable for the year 1st April – 31st March – so are due NOW please.
Many thanks to the many who have already paid.
As in previous years, any existing member who has not paid in full by the end of June will be removed from the mailing list without notice (this is it!).
Please let me know  when you have done so as I have no visibility on the Bank details – that’s Nick’s job 😉
As always, thanks for your support.

Tuesday Turbo

This week’s Turbo session this Tuesday evening at the Chute Pavilion will be Pedalling Session One.

This session demonstrates any leg strength discrepancies between your right and left legs, so you know where to work harder in the future… to balance them out!

Session starts at 19:15, arrive 19:00 to set up.

Tuesday Turbo – Maximum Heart Rate Test

This is a tough session, so please make sure you are full hydrated and ready to roll at 07:15pm. It is also a good idea to stay clear of caffeine for several hours beforehand as this can sway results, and the process of getting the result.

All are welcome, though please make sure you feel fully fit and healthy prior to the test.

Thanks – see you there!