Arundel Castle Triathlon 2014 Race Report

The inaugural event of the Arundel Castle Triathlon. A well organised race, wonderful river swim, excellent cycle course (one slightly challenging hill) and a magnificent downhill, with a honest little run though the run is perhaps a tad short to make a town square finish. Nice race photos pushed through to Face Book by official race photographer.



Fambridge Yacht Haven Half Ironman Race Report (2013)

A half-iron distance race held by Dengie Events in the East of Essex in the small village of North Fambridge on the 2nd June this past weekend. This was a planned event on my race calendar, a chance to assess my training in an early race for 2013. I think I am left with more questions than answers for myself as I work my way through my own self-analysis with the very welcome input from my friends who know me and/or train with me.

So without delay, race report, here we go!

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Thames Trot 50 mile Ultra 2013 non-Race Report

I decided to add a recount of my participation in the Thames Trot Ultra organised by gobeyond ( from earlier this year, sadly I have signed up for 2014.


I decided to participate (not race) in a charity slot, in the Thames Trot Ultra while raising funds for the The Cure Parkinson’s Trust after being offered a very healthy boost towards the TCPT to get me started with my fundraising. Typically each year I try make at least one fund raising effort for a worth while cause. While I have never yet *raced* a marathon, I am comfortable running twenty plus miles. I guess the thought of throwing the kitchen sink at a stand alone long run has yet to appeal. But the ultra as a long run forming part of a journey absorbing the sights with camraderie certainly appealed to me.

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