Below is our leader-board for the in-house competition, to run throughout this season. Winners will be celebrated at our end-of-season do, most likely in December 2015.

Many thanks to Nick Alvis for collecting the scores – don’t forget to let Nick know if you have taken part in an official multi or single sport event. Quite simply – a Triathlon will win you three points, a duathlon two points and a single sport event one point. This is the second year that we have run this competition, so have no rulebook other than Nicks decision will be final! It was fun last year, so join in and make it even better in 2015…

The 2015 Leaderboard so far…

Tri Member, Points

Mark Sherwood  22

Mark Packer  19

Chris Mison  2

Steve Hobden 1

Dougie Vaughan  1

Kerry Barker 0.5 (Half a tandem – so unfair!)

Daryl Barker 0.5  (The working half of the tandem – so unfair!)


The 2014 Leaderboard so far…

Member,     Points

Alastair Bridgman  28

Trev Perrett 23

Ashley Walton   21

Mark Sherwood   16

Chris Mison   15

David Edwards   10

Patrica Charnet   6

John Houston   6

Martin Harris   6

Nick Alvis   5

Carl Sinclair   4

Ian Stewart   3

Mark Saunders   3

Genna Morrow   1

Steve Fleck   1

Updated by Daryl, 25 September 2014, 22:41


2013 Results:

Many congratulations to Mark Sherwood and Annette McInnes for winning the Senior Male / Female Trophies.

Tri Member                                                                                           Points

Mark Sherwood 29
Ashley Walton 23
David Edwards 22
Annette McInnes 20
Chris Mison 19
Nick Alvis 18
Alastair Bridgman 15
Jo Fewtrell 15
Mark Saunders 13
Patricia Charnet 10
Simon Randall 9
John Houston 8
Tom Fright 6
Ricky Stayte 6
Martin Harris 2
Kerry Barker 2
Heidi Barker 1

Updated by Daryl 22 December  2013 19:45


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