Sometimes you have to rely on your family

This is my favourite photo of today’s social ride to The Pub With No Name for lunch.  We did around 56 miles in the end and towards the end of it one of the hills got a little tough for an old man and so he had to rely on his young daughter to help him up the hill.  Daryl has asked that he do not include his name in the caption and so we haven’t…

Here are some more photos…












Bank Holiday Monday – ride and lunch


I’ve booked a table for 12pm at the Pub with no name near Froxfield for the following people

Dead keen
Mr & Mrs Gravel
David Edwards
Steve, Sarah, Apple and Bump

If we meet at the lower car park of the Aquadrome for 10am, the jolly will be about 30/35miles there and roughly the same back, at a social pace!

See you Monday