Cotswold Triathlon – the Club Championship

At our AGM in March, our esteemed club secretary recorded the following in respect of The Club Championships:

There are to be 3 categories, namely fastest male, fastest female and best performance

Well, after a lot of brouhaha-ing about the results…

The fastest male is: Ian Stewart

The fastest female is: Katie Carter

The best performance will be decided at the next club meeting.  My vote will go to Fee for not only having a great race but also having the presence of mind to send a text in the pouring rain to suggest that we (the competitors) meet at a local hotel for coffee.

The results are set out below:

Cotswold Results 2010

Name Cat Pos Cat Pos Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total Tm
Ian Stewart MI 24 1 11:04 1:24 31:57 1:11 19:52 1:05:29
Mark Saunders MH 41 9 12:11 1:14 32:53 0:59 20:07 1:07:25
Katie Carter FF 157 3 13:49 2:23 36:36 1:20 20:42 1:14:50
Fiona Powley FG 174 3 13:45 1:50 35:46 1:36 22:45 1:15:43
Marianne Allen FJ 317 5 17:26 1:53 38:23 1:21 23:45 1:22:48
David Edwards MM 342 2 16:28 1:50 36:17 2:18 27:39 1:24:31
Dan Edwards MF DNF   13:13 1:00 32:14      
Stephen Allen MI DNF   14:41 1:42 31:04      

Club championships chosen

At the AGM last night it was decided that the Cotswold Sprint Triathlon be chosen for the club championship race.  This is a 750m swim in a glorious lake, 20k bike ride in one of the flattest areas around and a 5k run on paths.

You can look at some pictures of last year’s race in the gallery.

So far I know that Ian, Katie, Dan E, Annette and Dead Keen have entered.  If you want to enter, do so soon as it is filling up fast…