Time trial and next club meeting – 4 June 2010

From Old But Fast

Hi everyone

As usual we will do three Club Time Trials this year.  They will be very sociable and informal, ideal for any first timers as well as good sharpeners for the more regular cyclists among us.  Guests of members will be welcome.

This year we agreed some changes at the Club AGM.   They will be held on the first Friday of June (YES that’s less than a week away!), July and August – supplanting the usual club meetings.   After the events we can congregate in a local hostelry, at which time any outstanding club business can be swiftly dealt with before we turn our attention to more serious matters.

Details for the first of the three Time Trials are as follows: Overton – 10 miles

I will do the timing, and recruit assistance as necessary, depending on the likely number of participants

Here is a link to the route.  http://www.mapmyride.com/route/gb/overton/121020160 If anyone would like to ride it earlier in the week to familiarise themselves with it, by all means contact me and if possible I will ride it with you at a very sociable pace.

The hostelry on this occasion will be the White Hart which is right on the corner by the traffic lights in Overton.  Coming from Basingstoke, you can turn into their car park just before you get to the lights. Please be ready to leave the car park to cycle to the start at 18:45.  The first rider will be off soon after 19:00.  We will meet in the lounge bar afterwards.

Please let me know if you intend to take part and/or attend the meeting afterwards.  The Publican has offered to section off a part of the lounge for us. If the numbers are larger than expected (which would be a good thing), I will suggest alternative parking arrangements.

Hope to see lots of you on Friday

NOTE:  Would all individuals taking part please be aware that you are solely responsible for you action whilst riding on the road and are not covered by any insurance other than any personal insurance you may have resultant from membership of a National governing body or personal insurance which you may have purchased separately.


Contravention of the Road traffic Act may result in prosecution so always adhere to the Highway Code.


The club cannot take responsibility for personal injury or liability for damage you may inflict or receive whist you are riding.


These time trials are not events or races as such and should be for your own personal benchmarking: no prizes will be given. If you wish for your time to be recorded a club member has kindly volunteered to do this but it is your responsibility to ask specifically for this to be done.