Time trial this evening – 4 June 2010

From Old But Fast:

We are up to 6 definite riders plus 3 possibles, and 10 for the meeting. Anyone can come of course, so I will indicate 10-15 to the landlord.

We will aim to leave the White Hart car park at 18:45. However, as the light is good and the ride is short we may delay slightly if we have news of anyone running a bit late.

I cycled the route this morning. With one notable exception, the roads are surprisingly good.

Watch out for a rough surface and a little bit of gravel on the left turn into Laverstoke lane. Allow plenty of space passing the long lines of parked cars in Laverstoke Lane, and be aware of any oncoming traffic. Harvesting has not yet started, but on such a good evening there is always the possibility of some farm vehicles.

When you reach the underpass near the end of Laverstoke Lane, the potholes have been filled although it is still a little rough.

The one bit of road that is bad is the run up to the railway bridge on the Micheldever to Overton Road. Keep well out to avoid potholes and the road collapsing into the verge. Be aware that on this stretch there is also a ‘trough’ of sunken tarmac about 1.5m from the verge at one point. All this is no problem if you exercise a little care. After the bridge everything is fine (apart from the two hills!) on the run in to the end of the ride which is the 30mph sign as you approach Overton village.

If there is anyone not intending to ride, it is always helpful to have two pairs of hands at the finish.

Can I remind you of the normal “small print” on timed bike rides.

I look forward to seeing you all on a beautiful summers evening.